This week (Thursday & Friday) lets have some fun and design a new single webpage Newsletter using html.

Project:: Create a single page Newsletter!

Each student will produce a single page newsletter on a specific topic related to our WEB II Class. So, what relates to html, code & web design? What are the current trends? Who are the innovators? What is new and forth coming? What is creative and innovating? Grab links, images, videos, embed websites, sky is the limit. Students will include articles with research they will do both inside and outside of class. You may wish to publish information on upcoming related events both public and worldwide! Tip – Works with content that EXCITES you!

A blog post about the project should be posted here to our site as well as an active link to the html file. You can also share your outcomes with your internet contacts, family, friends, faculty and other Internet dwellers of interest. Be sure to describe your process and explain your choice of how the code is applied.

Styling and formatting : The code itself will be written using the brackets application. Perhaps this would be a good time to start implementing some “internal” CSS into your markup?

Due date – Thursday 10/20