Final Class Collaboration Project

December 2016 – Project Description:

This is a multiple part project that will explore several modular fragments that make up the whole.

6 students will create 6 individual newhive fields. Each field starts off by setting the tone for that fields theme. Collaboration takes place by having each student add a complimentary thematic asset to each field. Each added asset should further the thematic narrative. A minimum of 1 element must be added to each field by each student. The theme and subject is open, however, the person setting the theme may want to make that somehow and someway objective to the next visitor of the field. Each published field will generate an iframe source code that must be recorded and later applied into a group html document for the website.

Our class newhive profile feed is here ->

This blog post will serve as a platform for students to add their process and format their work in a tutorial fashion using both the text editor and visual editor in the wordpress interface.