Alright fellas here we are!!!

Web Design II has given me a huge understanding and framework of the theory and mechanics of designing for the web. Through course readings and class discussion, I was able to understand the ways the web has developed from conception until now and because the way in which we use the web has been changing, so must the way we design for it.

This class also allowed me to learn the mechanics of web design through practical application such as Brackets, NewHives through projects that we relevant to me personally, which fostered more of an invested interest on my part, versus learning through generic exercises. I do wish we could have spent more time learning how Javascripts code works on a daily basis in order to gain a comfort with it.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to have a professional working knowledge of web design and how content and information are rendered through the web as a medium and how they are viewed by an audience. This enables me to better understand how information will be translated across different mediums especially for those in digital spheres. This kind of knowledge will be a huge benefit as I endeavor to become a working professional in a time and place that is constantly changing.

Thank you to all my classmates who were kind to me. Thanks for the help, and advice. Also, thanks to Professor Ryan Seslow for all the incredible, and useful skills that he taught and shred with us.

It was a great opportunity to work with all of you and I hope to see you in the future 🙂