Update Nov, 03,2016

After I represent to class my logo & proposal, the professor asked me what is next?

I thought about this question for a bit, then I decided to do the following:

  1. Start building ideas.
  2. Sketch  the site on papers.
  3. Organized the design the wireframes in degital.
  4. I decided to use a drop down menu that would be go under the link on menu.


  • These are the wireframes I designed using Wireframe.cc
  • NOTE: These wireframes are not the final design. 
home page











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Oct, 30, 2016

In the previous class, we talked about how to be a creative designer when it comes to building websites. One of the topics that we discussed in class was, logos. We watched a very powerful video about Mr.Aaron Draplin, who is graphic designer, builder, craftsman, and how he became a very successful designer. Click here to watch the video

The professor asked us to design logo for ourselves as a first step to write down a proposal. Then, he asked us to try to write a proposal for a client.

Here is my logo that been designed in Adobe Photoshop


I used “M” alphabet to represent my name “mohammed” and underneath I wrote my name followed by “Build & Design”. I tried to make it looks professional as much as I could.

Click here to see my proposal

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