The Idea:

For this assignment I decided to take a different approach to the traditional resume. Since I’m interested in UX/UI design I wanted to incorporate a piece of that in my resume. Storyboarding is an important part of user experience design where the designer maps out the decisions that the uses will be faced to make. I

What I included:

I included very basic things in my resume such as my name a brief about me, why I like ux design, as well as links to social media and a way to be contacted. Since we had to use new hive for this assignment I wanted to use the full potential of the site by putting gifs into my resume. I was trying to go for a look that expressed a little bit of my personality as well as showcasing some things that I liked. My fear was making the page too busy so I tried not to add to much to it.

What would you change?

I add more content to the page such as a skills section where I would list the programs that I know how to use. I’m also considering embedding a few pieces from my portfolio to make it more visually appealing as well as to capture peoples attention before they click the link to the portfolio.