Its time to jump into our next project!

We are now feeling refreshed and confident writing html, learning, using and discovering new ways to apply internal css, and several other myriads of skills we have reignited to date!

PROJECTOutdated Website Redesign Project!

Project description:

This project will have multiple parts and will take between 2.5 – 3 weeks to complete. Here are the first few steps below.

Step 1. – Research & Discover!!  Find 3 existing websites online that would greatly benefit or are completely in NEED of a total redesign. List and hyperlink to those 3 urls in a new blog post created for this project. We will be writing about our entire process and troubleshooting in real time.

Step 2. – Assess the issues with the 3 websites you have selected and offer a series of suggested solutions for each site.

Step 3. – Select 1 of the 3 sites to redesign and discuss why you have chosen that site.

Step 4. – We will discuss in class how to create website redesign proposal to send to the client. (we can simulate this, or perhaps you are ready to start your first freelance project?)