For this project I started looking for some places “coffee shops, restaurants, etc”  that around my area.

I found some good examples that needed to be rebuilt :


  • This is a site is a site for “Elite Cafe” that is located on Main Street, Flushing, New York.
  • Issues with the site:
  1. The Font size is not big enough to read.
  2. The color of the content isn’t clear.
  3. The nivation menu isn’t responsive.
  4. The footer that has a social icon “Facebook” isn’t responsive.
  5. The background pic need to be updated.


  • This site is a site for “Shanti’s Curries” restaurant that specialized on South Indian dishes.


  • Issues with the site:
  1. It is not updated. Copyright © Shanti’s Curries 2014. All rights reserved.
  2. The social media accounts that supposed to be belonged to the restaurant is using for a personal purposes.
  3. The menu is just listed of pics and prices under each others.


  • This site is a site for “Huntington Public Library”. 


  • Issues:
  1. This site has a lot of contents.
  2. The blue color is taking over. “problem with the color schemes”
  3. Some of pages are not responsive.
  • What would I choose

I’ve decided to go rebuild the first site that I listed it which is because I strongly believe it needs to build all over again.

I checked the code from, View>>Developer>>View source.









Thanks for reading

–The end