Step 1. – Research:

These are my 3 choices for websites to rebuild.

Step 2. – Assessing the issues

I think they all need some work in layout. For new park I think the background that they have is distracting from their actual content. For the second one, the restaurant everything seems to work but I feel like everything is cramped together and their layout is really out dated. Also they have a link for a commercial which doesn’t link to anything. The third website works but there is a glitch when changing back and forth between the pages, also they have a guest book which shows how old the layout of the site is.

Step 3. – Selecting 1 Site

I decided I’m going to redesign My family personally knows the owner and he is a good friend so I know if I propose this website update to him, he will actually listen and see what I have to offer to improve his site. I know they wanted their commercial to appear in their website which is why they implemented the link, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I’d want to make that responsive for them as well as updating the layout to something more modern. I want to keep their menu pages the same since I feel like that works in showing their food very well. However, I want to update their contact page, they have an email there but with a contact form it will be much easier for customers to reach out to them. Also, they have a link to google maps to show how to get there, but I also want to add which train stations are near so that those looking for public transportation wont have to figure it out using google maps.

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Logos I’m working on:






web design proposal

I believe I will have completed this project by Thursday November 17,2016. This will give me enough time to set up the wire frame. Start my brackets, and fix any problems that I might encounter.



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