Step 1 & Step 2:
Here 3 websites from local companies, that I think really need to be redesigned:

  1. This website is fully functional but I feel like the style of it is extremely outdated and needs visual improvement.
  2. This bakery website is very plain. It’s a simple landing page for the bakery and carries basic information such as the location and phone number. It also appears that it hasn’t been updated since Hurricane Katrina because of an announcement that is on the page, which makes the hours inaccurate.
  3. I was so surprised when I looked up this frozen yogurt place and saw how embarrassing their website is. The look of the actual desert place is very fresh and modern so I expected the website live up to those standards but instead it was outdated, and wasted a lot of space. It also wasn’t as helpful as I thought it was going to be because there was no way to see the flavors they offered, which I think is a valuable piece of information that people will look for when they visit this website. I expected it to be more like it’s competitors website 16 Handles. I think I will be choosing website to redo.

Step 3:
The site that I will be redesigning is Twist It Top It. I’ve chosen this site because I feel like it has so much potential to be a more informative and visually appealing website. I think that the website doesn’t have as much useful information as should have. They are aware of the fact that the website doesn’t have a lot of useful information because at the bottom of the site it says “If you have any questions concerning prices, flavors, toppings, please call or email us at anytime”. The fact that they had to write this statement alone should be an indication that their website isn’t very good, what’s the point of having a website that just redirections to email and phone calls to find out more information.

How I will redesign the website:
For this project I want to give the website a more clean and modern look and there are several things that I will have to do:

  • The Home Page: The home page needs a nice clean up. There is lots of clutter and useless information that needs to be taken care of.
  • Graphic Assets: I will have to create a few graphic assets to make the page more visually appealing
  • Social Media Icons: After doing some research, I found that they have a Facebook, as well as an Instagram page that is no where on their website, so I want to add them when I create the redesign.
  • Listing a menu: I’m not a hundred percent sure if I will have a menu page yet, but it’s something that I am considering.  (flavors change so maybe I should refer to a  phone number/email)
  • Locations/Hours: I will have to add a clear section for the locations and hours of each store. They have a section like this on their current website but it’s hard to read because all of the information is cluttered together.
  • Contact : I am also thinking about either adding a contact section or a contact page, where  costumers can reach out to the company if they need too/


Step 4: Proposal
My web design proposal can be seen here.

I think that this project should be done in exactly one week on 11/17/16. I want to present it on individual pages in the blog, I don’t want to host it online because my website is currently being used for another project.

Step 5: Final Website Redesign & Process
One of the main problems that I’ve encountered while doing this assignment is making the whole page responsive. I’ve looked at various tutorials of different ways to make a page responsive but I just can’t seem to get it. Certain aspects of the page are responsive due to divs but other aspects such as images are not.

*I found a line of css that makes the pictures responsive but now they are responsive while the div that the pictures are in is not.

Aside from a menu and home page I’ve also added a contact us page that has a form as well as the locations of each of the stores in google maps form.

The three completed pages can be found here: menu contact index and here is the original website .