For this project I started looking up places that are close to home. Small businesses where I go and spend my money. I think they deserve a revamp because these days, you’re no longer given the chance at a first impression when people can make a decision based on your online presence. Here we go:


  1. OB’s BAKERY

OB’s Bakery is a Jamaican-American bakery and restaurant. They’re located at Rochdale Mall in Jamaica, NY, and are well known in the area for their good food and sweet treats. I knew to check out this site because in my experience, a lot of Jamaican restaurants are out of touch. You can find their website here.

The first thing I noticed was that when on the main page, the web address said “” which was a major turn off. It made sense though, seeing as how it looked like a project from one of our Web Design 1 class. Also, the colors are dull and old. Instead of a tasty cake, I would think of a loaf of whole wheat bread.


In this screenshot I highlighted things that I thought were misplaced and redundant. The number is on every linked page at the top and in the footer. I think the footer is acceptable, but ideally, the number should be on the contact page.


Secondly, the catering page is useless. The box the arrow points to is not necessary and not pleasing to the eye. The sentence highlighted under it would of been a nice opening statement.

During my research, I decided to find a popular bakery’s site to compare sites with. I decided to go with the famous crumbs bakery website.

crumbs 2. HAIR FLARE

The second place i chose was Hair Flare Salon which is located at Merrick Blvd. and Linden Blvd. in Queens, NY. This is one of the best salons I have been to in life and their website is a complete mess. flareFirst things first, when you go to their website, the first thing that pops up is their gallery page. As you can see, the picture at the top is blurry. Being that it’s the gallery page, you would think there would be plenty pictures. No. There is a bunch of cluttered information on this page and blank space. Some foreign writing on the bottom of the page to cap it off.

When you do click the home page, this is what you see ..home

I chose the well-known Supercuts website to compare Hair Flare to.




Lastly, is somewhere close to home; the Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center. I do digital marketing for the theatre’s social media accounts, but I’m not in control of their site.


The first problem I noticed is that the theatre is paying for their own domain name, but it leads to their page on York’s official website. I think they need to make use of what they are paying for.

Another problem is that the first picture we see is the promo pic for a show that has passed already. The biggest problem is that everything is redundant. Instead of listing all the dates featuring the same show, we could put it all on a master calendar with its own page. Lastly, the colors are pretty boring for a place that is dedicated to the arts.

For reference, I decided to look at the York Theatre Company’s site. Ironic, huh?