This is my experimental piece I created on New Hive. I used a video of a sparkler I had and clipped it to only 15 seconds. I uploaded it to giphy and it created a loop for this video. I also used 2 pictures that I had to put of me holding the same sparkler. The 3 last elements I uploaded were the same and they were already created by someone else who uploaded it as a gif on giphy, it was similar to the one I uploaded, but I thought the different movements would look good together. I layered everything behind a black background and liked the way it came out.

I love the concept of new hive since it allows layers to be placed in one blank canvas together so easily whether it be videos, pictures, gifs, text and animations.

Now it’s time to create transparent pieces or videos to upload and display using this platform. I’m excited to use new hive in the future as I create more elements to incorporate on my posts.