Courtney Dawson

145-79 222nd street

Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

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Who is she?

I go by the name of Courtney "DWSN" Dawson. If you were to ask me about myself, I wouldn't mention the fact that im a junior at York College or that I'm 22 years old. That's the boring stuff. I'd mention to you that I live in a Jamaican household and I've visited more than enough times. I'd also mention that I make music. No I don't sing, I rap. No, I wont ask you to listen to my mixtape. Music is just another extension of my love of words. I'm a CT major hoping to use my knowledge of words and my love of writing to make a dynamic website.

Where's she from?

I'm from Queens, New York! Here's a few places I've visited though:

  1. Florida
  2. Virginia
  3. Maryland
  4. Jamaica
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. Mexico
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